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  • P-FIT

    (Example of Custom Tracking)

    Perpetual Foodservice Intelligence Tracking (P-FIT) elaborates on the concept of the Foodservice Intelligence Tracking (FIT) study. But instead of a one-time study, we will analyze the foodservice industry in a series of waves. The chart below provides a visual of the waves.



    This proven methodology has successfully tracked 57 food types

    A larger sample size means increased precision in estimates between successive waves (n=3,000) and accurate projection of usage (n=6,000). With the P-FIT, representation is maximized and the sampling error is reduced.

    Reporting can be biannual or quarterly, depending on study specifics. Shares are based upon projected annual usage rather than a point in time, with representation in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    When applicable, we will extend chain representation by region and state beyond NRN’s Top 200. All┬ámeasurements are reported at the brand/net level within type and form, giving you the most out of the study. We will give you the information you need to grow your share in these highly competitive times. Contact us to get started.